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The Art of Invitation: The Savory Thymes Story

Savory Thymes was established in 2005 by Ali Ghiorse. Inspired by the brilliant beauty of Hillside Gardens, her vision was clear: to provide a welcoming space for change agents from around the country to share their work and gain support from the Bay Area community.

With small and intentional steps, the invitation to gather was crafted and the door to Hillside Gardens was opened. Since then, these gatherings – a series of fundraising events to support grassroots organizers, artists, musicians, filmmakers, and visionaries – have evolved into what is known today as Savory Thymes. The essence of each event is beauty. The underlying intention is alliance-building and to create cultural understanding. What makes Savory Thymes unique is our commitment to inclusiveness, diversity and our dedication to serving quality food from local farmers and artisans, all done in a spirit of giving and celebration.

Savory Thymes serves as a platform for organizations to host their event at Hillside Gardens. These events provide the opportunity for an organization to get exposure, promote their work and ask for support. Savory Thymes is unique in that the event is fully sponsored by a generous benefactor and produced by Ali. All of the funds raised at an event go directly to the respective host organization. In this way, Savory Thymes provides a powerful model of giving which results not only in financial gain and support for the organization, but also in a fun and galvanizing learning experience for all participants.

With passion, a little whimsy, and remarkable staff and council, Savory Thymes continues to grow and deepen its vision. Due to the well of talent and the diligent work of each individual and organization that Savory Thymes has supported, we have together raised awareness and resources, as well as the bar within the context of giving. It is our hope that these acts of generosity and collaboration will continue to contribute to the critical work of social change while reminding us all to savor our time together.